YouTube Random Comments (Arabic)

YouTube Random Comments (Arabic)

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  • All comments will be in Arabic language
  • The content of the comment is chosen by us when processing the order. It includes generic comments (eg. “فيديو رائع!”), randomly picked from our pool of generic comments and personalized comment relevant to your video’s niche. [80% generic, 20% related to the video]
  • Comments coming from real* and verified accounts with name, profile picture and sometimes also videos and playlist
  • Arabic names accounts
  • Safe and stable
  • You will receive comments at a speed of 1000+ per day


  • Delivery usually starts within a couple hours. It is always guaranteed within 24 hours since we receive your order.
  • Once the order starts we cant cancel it.

Benefits in buying our YouTube comments

  • Make your video more attractive to other visitors and possibly increase conversion. Comments are also a feedback from viewers about your video and they get constantly read by viewers when they scroll down to the comments section. Therefore, leaving positive comments that promote and show appreciation to your video/product and YouTube channel is a smart strategy that could also affect other users opinions.
  • Adding comments to your video increases its engagement rate. The engagement rate is a percentage metric that measures audience interaction and engagement with social content (a video in the case of YouTube). The engagement rate is calculated with the actions that a user performs against the video, therefore likes, shares and, of course, comments.
  • YouTube algorithm loves visitor retention, and a large number of comments could increase the the time that visitors spend on your video. YouTube algorithm loves visitor retention. Why? Because sometimes we all get lost reading the comments and a rich comment section will take more time. The highest ranked videos having a considerably higher number of comments


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